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Chair Strength 

Sit (and stand) with an active warm-up, seated and standing moves, stretching and strengthening to promote flexible joints, improve balance & posture and maintain muscle mass.


Sculpt & Tone 

Weight & resistance training to sculpt and tone the muscles. Be prepared to set new goals, reach new limits and discover just how strong you are.


Cardio Step

Join us on our newest piece of equipment – the “Jump & Step”. This program offers great cardio and full body muscle strengthening using a square platform step, that when flipped, over is a re-bounder! Get the benefits of soft impact jumping that is amazing for leg muscles and your lymphatic system, and then elevate the heart rate with the raised platform! Participants need to be comfortable with balance and have a good fitness level for this class.
* Pre-registration is required for both am and pm classes


Chair Groove 

Connect mind to muscle and let the music move you. Simple and fun choreography to inspire both seated and standing full body movements. 


Chair Stretch

Enhance your range of motion through seated and standing stretches that are designed to maintain your muscle strength and endurance


Booty & Core

Sculpt and strengthen your abs, back, booty, and leg muscles. Define and transform with body weight and resistance training drills that target the booty and core 


Strength & Stretch 

Make time for grounding and relaxation. This 60 minute workout will give you both and prepare you for winter weekend fun. Make time for your whole wellness- mind, body, and soul.


Yoga 4 All 

A Yoga class for all levels of participants focusing on stretching, movement, core strength, and relaxation 



Interval training is awesome for calorie burn, cardio endurance and muscle endurance. This Hiit Class will even include some rebounding stations on our mini trampolines. It is High Intensity Interval Training with a Fun Factor. 


Outdoor Fitness 

Dress for the weather and join our inspiring instructors for 60 minutes of Fresh Air Fitness. Bring your mat and water bottle and get ready for a full body workout with modifications as needed. Higher intensity moves will also be provided to increase cardio.


Outdoor Stroll & Strength

A fresh air experience that combines our walking and chair classes for a perfect blend of movement and muscle work. Make sure to have appropriate footwear for the weather and come ready to connect mind, body, and soul. 


Outdoor Chair

We are bringing one of our most popular classes back outside to enjoy the spring time sounds and scenery. Dress for the weather (in layers) and be ready to move your body. Seated and standing moves are used to improve muscle strength, coordination and flexibility.

Par Q

Each participant is required to complete a new ParQ each year. 

Please check the schedule for fitness classes location as they may take place in the Drill Hall (208 George Street)Gazebo (300 Kildonan Avenue), Seniors Complex (1101 George Street), Belvidere Park/Visitor Center (702 Railway Street), or Barnes Park (606 King Avenue).

Please only arrive 5 minutes prior to indoor classes to give the previous class time to exit and the instructor time to set up. 


Yoga & Breath

A class that will encourage you to build into a more active and challenging practice combining core strength, flexibility, stamina and breath work. You will leave feeling energized and calm. 


Entrance Fees


10X Pass

20X Pass

Senior (age 60+)








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